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Working Together to Secure Success

School Exchange across the Trust gives real value

Two of the Trust primary schools took advantage of the diversity of our Trust to bring students together from two very different communities on an exciting school trip.

Pupils from All Saints C of E Primary School in the south-east of Bradford travelled to the mining community of Micklefield C of E Primary Academy in the south-east of Leeds, to enjoy a day trip in a different area. The pupils from Micklefield showed their new friends around their school and their local community and are looking forward to a return visit.

Headteacher Emma Cook said "Collaboration within our Trust is important for both adults and children. Ensuring that our children can meet and form relationships is key to working together in the future. Friendships were made when All Saints' visited Micklefield in December. Children from Micklefield, proudly took their new friends on a walk around the village, ably accompanied by one of our neighbours, Dennis Best who spoke about the history of the village. We can't wait to visit all Saints' and carry on our relationship."

A truly joyful collaboration!